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Musings of a Moonbeam

29 September
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At the moment, I'm working on my PhD in chemistry and wondering if I'll ever actually make it through. Graduate school life is like a sine wave, 1st you're really up, motivated, and interested in everthing, then something happens (a meeting with your advisor, for example) and you feel like the dumbest person on the planet. Of course, you're not, b/c at the same time, you are grading labs reports from undergraduate minions who are definitely by far less intelligent than you. So the curve starts back up again. It's a vicious, vicious circle. Sort of like the hazing that "doesn't go on" in fraternaties.

My real passion in life is theatre, especially musical theatre. Unfortunately, there is no time to pursue this at the moment as grad-school stuff takes up WAY too much time. My other passion is travelling and learning languages and about different cultures. Luckily, this is something I can pursue (sort of) during graduate school as I get to go to conferences.

I'm a pretty eclectic person. I love everything from wrestling and skeet shooting to opera and orchestra. Not to mention pretty much everything in between. Off and on I take myself fairly seriously, but not very. I'm an expert at laughing at myself, and I think this easy-going nature is what draws my friends to me. I love when I figure out what someone is passionate about and get to watch them enjoy it, whether or not it's something that I even like. It's good to know that something touches them that deeply, and be able to share that experience with them.