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Going to Europe again!!

Chaperoning my high school's senior trip in the spring! 2 weeks in England and France guided by my former English and French teachers. SUPER excited! i've wanted to take this trip since I was a senior!!!!
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Easter Weekend

What an amazing weekend! I'd been feeling guilty for not going home to see my mom this weekend, being Easter and all, but I really think that it couldn't have been better. Within a 26 hour period I drove ~400 miles, went horseback riding, attended a Navy Ball, danced the night away, spent a night on the beach, and watched the sunrise over the ocean.

Friday night, one of my good guy friends was in town, so we made dinner plans. While I was getting ready for him to show up, one of my Navy friends messaged me. "Want to go to the Navy Ball tomorrow night?" Heck yeah! I proceeded to scour my closet for dress options, discovering in the process that I can actually fit into my senior prom dress again!! It was a little tight in the bust, but fit pretty well.

I really wanted to wear my recent bridesmaid dress though b/c it is gorgeous and much more spring-y, but it had some spots on it :-( I decided to try and take it in to the cleaners 1st thing in the morning, before going horseback riding. Sadly, they couldn't get it back to me until Monday, but when the lady looked at it, she said that they were probably water spots, and that if it were her dress, she'd try to wash it in Woolite and hang dry it.

I took the dress and put it in the car, and headed to riding. It was a PERFECT day to ride too! We did a couple hours of work, per usual, before going for a lovely trail ride. In the process of pitching some leftover hay bales, we disturbed a colony of the cutest mice I've ever seen. Sadly we uncovered a litter too, but we moved them aside so they wouldn't get trampled, and recovered them. Hopefully we didn't cause their death :-(

Then we raced back home, grabbed a quick sandwich, and washed the chiffon layer of the dress. winds_requiem was a dear and worked on drying the dress with my hair dryer while I showered. It worked! I was able to shower, put on full make-up, fix my hair, dress, and was out the door in 30 minutes flat! We made it to the Navy Ball right on time.

The food was good, the company was good, the speech was good (albeit long), and then there was the dancing! I met Navy boy M through swing dancing, so I knew that I had a good partner. The band, Hot Sauce, was just amazing. We were on the dance floor at the 1st song, which bled into the 2nd, and 3rd, and ... I think we danced 5-7 songs in a row! I was worried about my dress getting tangled, because it had at the wedding I went to, but it moved beautifully. Sometimes I'd look down at it in a spin, and it reminded me of own of those gowns that ballroom dancers wear for the Waltz!

After the dance, M offered to go to the beach with me, because I really wanted to see the sunrise. When he was back at the base changing, he ran into Navy boy E, who decided to join us as well. We had a fantastic time at the beach. It was a good bit chilly, but we waded in the water for a while anyway. Had it been warmer, I would have gone swimming, and we decided that we have to go back again when it's warm enough for that.

Shortly before dawn, when it got the coldest, we huddled together in our "foxholes" that the Navy had dug for us. Why we didn't do that sooner, I have no idea, since everyone (meaning the guys) kept complaining about the cold. I found this hilarious because they are both from cold climates (Alaska and Colorado), and I'm from nice, warm South Carolina and was taking it in stride. The sunrise was just gorgeous. There were enough clouds to make the whole sky into a giant rainbow, and then the sun itself was a brilliant orange as it rose.

We packed it up and headed home. I made it back at about 9ish and promptly passed out in my bed. Luckily, I did find an evening service for Easter, as I slept right through the morning. I felt like I had a good sunrise service of my own though, because I did sing the Easter hymns that I could remember on the beach and in the car on the way home. Sadly, there was no communion though. I really just don't understand why any service on Easter would not include communion.
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So I just called 911 for the 1st time in my life!

My roomate woke me up at approximately 2:00am to tell me that there was some super drunk dude in our hallway, pounding on my neighbor's door. Apparently, she had heard him breathing outside her window at one point, which is what woke her up, and she got me. Unsure what to do (somewhat due to my sleep-deprived haze), we watched him from the peephole for a few minutes. He was pounding on the door, telling my neighbor to let him in. Then I thought that he was leaving, but he came back, repeated the pounding, and then threatened my neighbor saying that he was going to "F*** him up" the next time he saw him. Then he threatened to kill him, because he "didn't care". Thought he left again, but came back.

We finally decided to call when he started trying to break the damn door down, and messing with the breaker boxes. When the cops showed up, of course he took off, and my frantic mind mixed up the Apt #s and they went upstairs instead. But when I was sure that no one else was in the hallway, I went out and talked to them. I was quite impressed with the speed and efficiency of the officers.

Three of them scoured the parking area searching for him, and one came back to ask me more. During this time, I noticed that the dude had been beating on the door so much that there's blood all over it!! So I pointed that out to him. The cops noticed the breakers open and I told them again that he'd been messing with that too. At least there was some physical evidence, so they know that I wasn't making it up. It was scary as hell!

Of course, I can't sleep now. Then I hear the door open again, and look out to see my neighbor come back with couple of folks, one of whom had blood all over his face. Apparently, he'd fallen down drunk and busted it up. At least it wasn't that the other guy had beaten him up or anything. So, I told my neighbor what happened, and he was really concerned, and reassured me that I'd done the right thing, even after I said that I thought I'd seen him here before, hanging out.

I started writing all this down, and just heard the door open again, and the footsteps sounded familiar. Sure enough, it was the drunk dude! Neighbor let him in and I heard him ask if he'd tried to get in earlier. He denied it, and I heard my neighbor ask to see his hands (I'd pointed out the blood on the door). I think that he was still denying it, so I knocked on the door, and told him that he's definitely the guy that I'd seen earlier. He thanked me sincerely, and said that he's actually a good friend. So I guess that everything is sorted on his end.

I have to say... SOME FRIEND!! Not cool, not cool at all. I kinda want to vomit :-\
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why do i always forget...

that i really do enjoy running? i went for my 1st run in who knows how long, today. i decided that i needed to finally get up off my butt and DO something. i nearly got discouraged while hunting around for all my gear, especially something to keep my hair back, now that it's short. but, i finally got it all together and just took off. i didn't take a watch or my HR monitor or anything.

i told myself, okay, i want you to run at least to the turn around spot without stopping. it was great! i didn't even have to "force" myself at that point. i made the turn around and attempted to finish the whole trip back as well. i got most of the way, but my breathing was falling apart, so i decided to walk a bit, which was good b/c a pretty good stitch started about then. i crested the tiny hill, and ran down the last bit (i LOVE running downhill!) to my house.

i stretched, like a good girl, and got online to map out my run. i was thinking that i'd made it to about 1/2 mile+ before walking... it was actually nearly 1.2 miles when i walked for a short bit!!! i'm so happy with myself. and am vowing to keep it up, even though i hate the cold ;-)
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so i looked up my steroids that i'm on for my bulging disc....
short-term side effects: insomnia, euphoria, and rarely mania
yeah, i have ALL of those!
but i'm supposed to let the doctor know if i experience "inappropriate happiness"
wtf is that?
i mean, how do you know if happy is inappropriate?
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VO2 max update

So I took all the advice that I was given to heart, and improved my VO2 max score! If you remember, I'm doing the bike test and got a 33 mL/kg/min last time, which was just under the cut off for the study (35).

This time, I had breakfast, just a yogurt, but I'm not much of a breakfast eater. I hydrated, brought some Gatorade along, and made sure to go the restroom beforehand. My weight was exactly the same as last week, which I thought was kind of funny. I tightened those straps on my feet, and just started trucking. He always told me when he was going to up the resistance, so I would make myself push just a touch faster, so that the resistance change wouldn't feel as intense. AND IT WORKED! I increased my max by 10%, up to 35.9! The cool thing, I think, is that this was an average, I actually had spikes up to 40! I'm surprisingly only 1 mL/kg/min from the "excellent" range for my age group, if I was 2 years older, than I'd be solidly in there.

I'm really proud of myself. Again, I think maybe I could have pushed myself a little more, but I'm okay with the outcome. I was starting to get to that wheezing stage, which causes me to panic slightly, and it's just downhill from there.

Hopefully, I won't need to do this test again... for a while at least, and maybe by then I can bump myself up again! Really makes me wonder how I'd do on the running test too.
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totally just had the most realistic, the most scary dream that i've ever had in my life! it started sort of weird and is a long story, but the jist was there was this Charles Winchester-like guy who was trying to go somewhere, and there was this native guy trying to take us. then the native guy decided to try to persuade him to sell this super intense scotch-like drink on the island, but "charlie" didn't want to. then the native guy starts this literal song and dance with me, which is supposed to seduce me or something, and i'm just like NO! when he finishes (and he was quite persistent) he gets mad that i want sleep with him, and i yell at him that i told him that i wasn't going to before his dance crap! so he goes and "pouts" in the next room. he was a hairy little guy and i got hairs in my mouth that i was picking out... then there's this one long one and i look through the window into the other room, and native guy is all giant-like and casting some voodoo-type spell on me that makes the hair/string neverending! i told him that he had no power over me and started singing "Oh God you are my God, and i will ever praise you" [i sometimes sing this to myself when i'm feeling freaked out at night, and it helps me feel like God is actually there with me]

so then, i get choked slightly and wake up... or so i thought. i'm still singing and someone behind me tries pulling on my necklace chain. then that guy attacks me. i'm in my mom's house (but not really mom's house), and i just start screaming! i'm fighting off this huge man, who looks very shadow-like and not much of a real face. i'm clawing at him, and screaming, yelling for mom, for help, for dear life! this continues for goodness knows how long, and he's choking me too and fish hooking me, and it was just terrifying.

i don't know how or when or what, but i actually wake-up. terrified of course :-\ anytime i have some sort of nightmare and wake up freaked out, i cannot let myself look into a mirror or such until i've calmed down. from childhood, i've had this sort of fear of the "mirror world", and sometimes i'm convinced that if i look in there, i will see a demon in me or something of the sort. i'm calming down now, finally. whether i sleep again or not, i'm not sure, but the bedroom light sure as heck is staying on!